Teaching initial consonant clusters

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Some Techniques for Teaching Pronunciation

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Some Techniques for Teaching Pronunciation David F. Dalton ddalton [at] cerrajeriahnosestrada.com Chiapas, Mexico.

Background When I did my initial training as an E.F.L. teacher, one of the course tutors always described pronunciation as "the Cinderella of language teaching", i.e.

20 Perfect Anchor Charts to Teach Phonics and Blends

"Any given method is only as effective as its implementation." Grammar-Translation Method (ss): Around the turn-of-the-century, language students often translated cumbersome volumes from Classical Greek or Latin into English vía this approach.

It consisted mainly of exhaustive use of dictionaries, explanations of grammatical rules (in English), some sample sentences, and exercise.

Download this handy pack for a set of lovely lotto resources. Provided in this pack are boards, cards and counters focussed on the production of s in word initial positions. English is an Indo-European language and belongs to the West Germanic group of the Germanic languages.

Old English originated from a Germanic tribal and linguistic continuum along the coast of the North Sea, whose languages are now known as the Anglo-Frisian subgroup within West Germanic. As such, the modern Frisian languages are the closest living relatives of Modern English.

This is the way I teach consonant blends. The easiest and first ones to learn are the two letter blends which begin words. In the table below are the different combinations of blends you will find at the beginning of words.

Typographic ligature

Consonant Clusters / Consonant Blends Free worksheets, interactive activities and other resources to support teaching and learning about consonant blends (clusters).

Teaching initial consonant clusters
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