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Single Parent Holidays

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Holidays for single parent families can sometimes be daunting, but we have great hotels with loads of amenities and activities to enjoy with the kids if you're travelling solo. Try our single parent and child beach holidays that tick all the boxes, however many kids you’ve got in your merry gang.

Wherever you're heading in the world, Insuremore's comprehensive ; family & cheap travel insurance packages have you covered.

Our Single Parent Holidays and Solo Holidays

Our comprehensive travel insurance is the best. When you book a single parent holiday or a solo holiday with us, you can rest assured that you have chosen the UK’s leading tour operator specialising exclusively in holidays for single parent families and solo travellers. All our single parent and solo holidays abroad are accompanied by a Single Parents on Holiday team member to ensure.

After a few days to yourself in the sun? Travelling with a group and want a room to yourself? Holidays for one give you the chance to find your own corner of paradise – or simply to relax and escape the crowds for a while with a single room all to yourself. Single parent holidays overseas – for when you’re desperate for some sunshine, want to satisfy your sense of adventure, or simply like the idea of a longer break, all inclusive family holiday.

Holidaying abroad can be daunting for a lone parent, it’s far more fun and safe in a group. Our single parent family holidays: We offer holidays exclusively for single parents and their children. You will spend your holiday in a group of other singles with kids at carefully selected family friendly hotels – and you won’t need to worry about organising a thing: A Single Parents on Holiday host will organise all aspects of your single parent holiday at.

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