Role of teachers and parents in imparting values

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Teachers Are Role Models

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How Do Parents & Teachers Impart Values & Ethics?

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Teachers’ Role in Quality Enhancement and Value Education Dr. Anita Pathania* Introduction Values are regarded enviable, imperative and are apprehended with high esteem by a particular society in which a person lives.

Importance of mosques for imparting proper Islamic worship and knowledge

Values give meaning Imparting value education and reforming the society. V. ROLE OF TEACHERS IN IMPARTING VALUE EDUCATION Ordinary Teachers can bring about extraordinary transformation in the society. A teacher should practice what he preaches.

Teachers are a role-model for the students. Their actions convey more than their words. Students learn values from what the teachers are rather than from what they say. jobs in gurgaon for freshers,current opening in banks,current opening in accenture noida,current job opening.

Band IELTS Essay Sample | Some People Think That Parents Are Responsible For Teaching Children Discipline. by ielts practice · December 20, Jun 03,  · In an age where parents are increasingly shirking their responsibilities in bringing up children, it is also the teacher's responsibility to assist in developing the desirable characteristics or moral values of cerrajeriahnosestrada.coms: Best English Schools in Gurgaon | American Montessori Public School | List top Schools in Gurgaon | Best senior wing English schools in Gurgaon.

Role of teachers and parents in imparting values
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Value Education: what can be done | Teachers of India