Racquetball drills

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Daily Racquetball

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Racquetball Strategy Tips

Move back to the foot say line. A lot of racquetball players neglect a serve that can actually be a good weapon in their game. The lob serve – that high, arching soft serve that travels to the back corner of the court – isn’t just a second serve to get the ball in Racquetball drills.

This website expresses Bobby Horn’s racquetball experience. Everything is included, from articles written about the game, to interviews with him, to highlight reels and full matches. You will also find access to his social media feeds, Facebook, Instagram.

Cheryl Gudinas, former USA Racquetball Team Member and National Team Coach, released three videos to help with drills to enable. Whether you're a competitive tournament player or a recreational player, Winning Racquetball: Skills, Drills, and Strategies will help you improve your game.

The authors—veteran instructor Ed Turner and #9-ranked professional racquetball player Woody Clouse—show you all the shots and strategies for success on the court.4/5(12). These drills are more for the advanced racquetball player. These drills help with foot skills and coordination.

To start begin behind the dotted line and simply hit the ball alternating between forehand and backhand shots. These drills are designed for collegiate racquetball team players. Less experienced players might find them difficult.

If they are difficult for you, just modify them. For example, drop and hit rather than toss and hit. Don't worry if a cross court pass comes off the back wall, as long as it actually goes across court.

Racquetball drills
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