Projection film

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Movie projector

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Finally, A Projection Screen You'll Want To Show Off

Limiting sound heads are usually above the time. IPS can improve the quality of your material! Custom Perforation Pattern Capability NOW available!


Have a creative pattern in mind? Give us a call and we will be happy to discuss ideas for unique, creative, one-of-a-kind patterns. When you want to showcase bold, beautiful images, you need Dragonfly projection screens.

With 4K-optimized materials and three distinct form factors, every Dragonfly screen is built to provide an unparalleled cinematic experience for home theater and commercial use.

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Learn more now. PET film optical projection screen with high-quality smooth polyester film material, by a layer of spread adhesive, hardened layers, antistatic layers, with water can be easily attached to the glass a.

Solo projection problems, courtesy of lazy theater chains who can't be bothered do do their jobs right, are ruining the film's amazing cinematography. Projection Screens Great for any home theater, office, or educational environment, this projector screen displays beautiful, crisp images on a matte white screen masked with black on all four sides.

Sticky Screens represent the latest in optical film technology and have developed a series of rear projection films that not only out perform the competition in image quality, but at a fraction of the film has an invisible adhesive layer allowing them to be affixed to any clear rigid substrate.

Projection film
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