Negative influence of media on society

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Negative Influences of Media on the Society

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The Negative Influences of Media on Society You Never Thought About

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The negative psychological effects of media are seen in terms of media changing the people’s outlook on life. Media have changed the cultural and moral values of society. A majority of the audiences believe in what is depicted by the media.

In the last five decades or so, the media and its influence on the societies, has grown exponentially with the advance of technology. First there was the telegraph and the post offices, then the radio, the newspaper, magazines, television and now the internet and the new media.

One journalist said: “ If a woman ’ s issue is covered by the media, it is almost always from a patriarchal perspective, with little to no presence of a female voice or viewpoint. Instead, only superficial or scandalous stories related to women receive significant attention. ” Another journalist said that this can be curbed “ with women who have the authority to influence or over-rule.

Social media has brought to the world a common medium for thoughts, words and expression but with a price. There are positive and negative influences of mass media, which we must understand as a responsible person of a society. Before discussing the influence of mass media on society it is imperative to explain the three basic functions of mass media; they are providing news/information, entertainment and education.

Are social networking sites good for society? Around seven out of ten Americans (69%) use social networking sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and .

Negative influence of media on society
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Negative Effects of Electronic Media on Society and Culture!