Millionaire gone missing

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The big twist to this story is the body mysteriously disappears in route to the morgue. Without the body an autopsy cannot be performed and his death will remain a mystery unless someone comes forward with information leading to the whereabouts of the body or confesses to the crime.

(HONG KONG) — The financial empire of missing Chinese-born tycoon Xiao Jianhua has put billions of dollars of investments up for sale, including stakes in a life insurer, a trust and banking.

The family of the Kuwaiti millionaire gone missing in Romania have doubled the amount offered for clues in the case to EUR 1 million. The businessman went missing in the mountain resort of Cheia, Prahova County, in Millionaire Gone Missing!

by Sam Snell Felix Navidad, wealthy, causation male, was found dead around in the afternoon yesterday at his beach house.

10 Millionaires Who Disappeared

This madhouse is a love nest. Art July 17, As the wife of a millionaire gone missing, Som “Amara” Siripong never seems comfortable in her head-turning costumes.

Millionaire Gone Missing! Millionaire gone missing
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This madhouse is a love nest