Likert scale on social networking

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Likert Scale

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Social Skills Improvement System (SSIS) Rating Scales

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Likert-Type Scale Response AnchorsCitation: Vagias, Wade M. (). Likert-type scale response anchors.

The Media and Technology Usage and Attitudes Scale: An empirical investigation

Clemson International Institute for Touri. Social Network Activity and Social Well-Being Moira Burke Human-Computer Interaction Institute Social networking sites (SNS) complement the network of All responses were given on 5-pt Likert scales. Nov 01,  · Given the reliability and validity results, the new Media and Technology Usage and Attitudes Scale was suggested as a method of measuring media and technology involvement across a variety of types of research studies either as a single item scale or any subset of the 15 subscales.

In social science research, social desirability bias is a type of response bias that is the tendency of survey respondents to answer questions in a manner that will be viewed favorably by others. It can take the form of over-reporting "good behavior" or under-reporting "bad," or undesirable behavior.

Prevalence of Social Media Disorder. The 9-item SMD scale was used to assess the prevalence of disordered social media use among teenagers. In accordance with the cut-off point for IGD in the DSM-5, at least five or more (out of nine) criteria must be met for a formal diagnosis of ‘disordered social media user’.

Likert scale to refer to both the Likert item type (items of the form shown above) and Likert scales (sums or averages of the results on sets of Likert items). For example, a questionnaire might have a total of Likert items, divided into 12 Likert scales of 10 items each.

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Likert scale on social networking
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Social Skills Improvement System (SSIS) Rating Scales