Getting parents involved in reading achievement

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Why Some Parents Don't Come to School

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Topics: School, Reading response for The Achievement of Desire Richard Rodriguez is a mirror makes readers look back their education experience and family relationship.

Rodriguez was chasing the end of education for a long time until he wrote this essay and read Richard Hoggart's book. Want to get parents involved in the learning process? You may be focused on the wrong metric.

Why Getting Parents Involved in Learning Isn't Enough. Contributed By. Robert Schuetz. Further Reading. Parental Effort, School Resources, and Student Achievement by. The International Reading Association, the U.S. Department of Education, and the Partnership for Reading offer additional resources for parents on ways to help their children with literacy skills.

Special consideration should be given to low-literate parents and parents who are not proficient in English. For example, parents will take the time to sit with their child and edit a post the child had written in school. This is not an assignment, and has been motivated purely by the student.

When there is an audience, students take pride in their writing, and they want it to be the best it can be. Achievement in all subjects improves with good reading skills. Talk about school. It sounds simple, but it’s an important part of getting involved with your child’s education.

Why Does the Gap Persist?

Aug 07,  · SOME students fail in school because their parents participate too little in their learning. Many educators strive to get parents involved, but the task may be beyond the capacity of schools.

Getting parents involved in reading achievement
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Involving Parents in the Education of Their Children. ERIC Digest.