Follow in parents footsteps choosing a profession

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Some people think that young people should follow in their parents&...

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Yes, regardless of the field, it will be quite diffic. parents’ footsteps when choosing a profession.

How Your Parents’ Jobs Will Affect Your Career Choices

In today’s world education there is an essential thing you must have to get a good job with a high salary and to occupy a high social. Are you following in your parents’ footsteps? Data scientists on the Facebook Research team wanted to find out if our parents’ choice in career affects our choice in career.

As children, we look up to our parents for guidance, support and security. Follow your parents' career path? Please don't On the negative side of following in your parents' footsteps, kids can feel pressure to live up.

Just one in four working parents want their kids to pursue the same profession or career path as they did, according to a survey conducted for Adecco, the staffing and consulting firm, in April. Some people think that young people should follow in their parents' footsteps when choosing a profession.

Follow in parents footsteps choosing a profession
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How Your Parents' Jobs Will Affect Your Career Choices | Science of People