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Use the Donation Value Guide to help determine the approximate tax-deductible value of items commonly donated to The Salvation Army. The Salvation Army Hawaiian & Pacific Islands Division Impact Report.

Salvation Army President is paid only $13,000 per year-Fiction!

Table of Contents impact report 3 spiritual services 14 financial summary 15 Programs 17 leadership 18 our supporters 19 History 21 The Salvation Army Hawaiian & Pacific Islands Division Manoa Road Honolulu, HI Salvation Army, you. So why would sister Barbara declare prophetically that for days she will announce the coming of the glorious Kingdom in sack cloth and ashes?

The Head of the Salvation Army Receives only $13, in Salary Per Year-Fiction!Summary of eRumor. It has been nearly five years since Chick-fil-A chairman and CEO Dan Cathy’s comment that the company was “guilty as charged” of opposing same-sex marriage brought the company’s long.

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